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If you missed BCARA's participation in the Ohio QSO party you missed a great time.  17 members and 2 guests attended the event.  As we had decided early on, this year wasn't going to be a hard core contesting format.  That made for a great social and on-the-air event.  

The highlight of the event was how we were able to use the contest to help our newer members grow in amateur radio.  Jeff, KD8VZD was able to get some quality time behind the mic.  Robert, KD8WLV, made his FIRST DX CONTACT during the event with the elmering of Eric, KG8FE.  Nikki (no call yet) learned about logging while assisting Matt, KD8SES.  The scores don't mean a thing if we don't have fun and don't help support each other in this teriffic hobby.


 The last of Don Youngblood's equipment will be given away at the Sept. meeting. You must be a member and you may only win one item. Other rules apply..

 BCARA - official emergency communications partner with the

          Butler County Health Department

 BCARA meetings are the 2nd Monday each month at 7pm.


Fairfield Township Administration Bldg. 6032 Morris Rd. Hamilton,OH 45011

This is located on the corner of Morris Rd and Millikin Rd.

Near Butler Tech.  Wheelchair accessible.

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 Please join us on our new, high profile, repeater!

Serving the entire Tri-State area @ 146.700(-) PL 123

Please check into our weekly Net: Tuesday's on 146.700(-)  PL 123.0 at 7:00pm

HF Round Table Friday's on 10 Meters 28.410 (+ or -) QRM at 9:00pm


Please come and join us, even if you are not yet...an Amateur Radio Operator, You are welcome to our events and meetings.  Our group is fun, helpful, and we enjoy fellowship with each other.

If you need help in getting licensed, BCARA has many members, and resources to help you get there.

Please visit us soon. 73



New Members

Please welcome our newest members!

Lee - KD8ZGP

Don - KD8YOK

Robert - KD8WLV

Chris - N8WGP

Wayne - KD8WXP

Mark - KC8OC


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