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BCARA participated in NVIS day

Members of BCARA participated in NVIS day on Saturday, April 25.  

W8KJ, W8QS, KG8FE, and WB8TCB established an NVIS antenna arrangement and using the club call - W8WRK, contected 5 counties: Franklin (Ohio EOC in Columbus), Lake, Licking, Shelby, and Delaware from a location near the Butler County EOC.  Using 5 watts on 40 meters, during the day, validated that NVIS is a viable option for short range communications (up to about 300 miles).  For example, Lake county is approximately 275 miles from Hamilton.  The antenna was [check back for specifics]

W8MRL also established a NVIS antenna arrangement, but running 75 watts, from Pike county and successfully contacted the Ohio Emergency Operations Center in Columbus (Franklin county) and was heard clearly by the W8WRK station in Butler county.  Rob's antenna was an end-fed,66' long with the feed point at 7 feet and sloping down to approximately 4 feet off the ground.


Congratulations to Eric, KG8FE in upgrading

from Amateur Advanced to Amateur Extra !


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BCARA -official emergency communications partner with the 

Butler County Health Department


Please come and join us, even if you are not yet...an Amateur Radio Operator, You are welcome to our events and meetings.  Our group is fun, helpful, and we enjoy fellowship with each other.

If you need help in getting licensed, BCARA has many members, and resources to help you get there.

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BCARA meetings are the 2nd Monday each month at 7pm.
Fairfield Township Administration Bldg. 6032 Morris Rd. Hamilton,OH 45011
This is located on the corner of Morris Rd and Millikin Rd.  Near Butler Tech.  Wheelchair accessible.
 Please join us on our new, high profile, repeater! Serving the entire Tri-State area @ 146.700(-) PL 123 Please check into our weekly Net: Tuesday's on 146.700(-)  PL 123.0 at 7:00pm
HF Round Table Friday's on 10 Meters 28.410 (+ or -) QRM at 9:00pm

New Members

Please welcome our newest member!

Bob Stothfang WB8BEQ

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